About Computer Center

Current director

Advisory Group

Advisory Group was established 89 years from September, mainly in the early expansion of the business school to promote the development and evaluation plans with the schools. Proposed ninety center of this school year business review, conduct
business center standardization project, interactively standardization and rationalization of the review to improve work processes, administrative measures committed to efficient energy and high-quality services to meet staff and students.

Internet Applications Group

Task group of Internet applications for the construction of a fast, stable and secure network environment, and effectively manage the use of network resources.

System Development Group

The main task of the system development group for the integration, development and maintenance of school administration information system to support computerization of administrative units of business operations and improve the overall efficiency
and quality. System Development Group principal activities include the school administration information systems development and maintenance, school administration database information system management, education and training school administration
information systems, software procurement, evaluation, testing and import, campus office automation, information systems development, education and training curriculum planning and execution.

E-Services Group

In recent years, the popularity of Internet applications (Internet) information and computer-related equipment, “digitization”, “personal”, “globalization”, “daily life” web application with “instant of”, the operation of the organization
, operational management, teaching and research and daily lives of individuals, have brought considerable impact and far-reaching impact. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the market, at cost, efficiency, quality of service considerations,
e become an important strategy of all race to develop.

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