About STU’s Computer Center


The director of STU’s computer center is also hold the director of STU’s library. This position serves as the leader responsible for coordinating the decision-making and management of the information technology as well as network service in the school.

  • Director: Prof. Shi-Huang Chen (ext: 2400)

Administration & Consultation Division:

This division is in charge of the administrative affairs of the center, including purchases, repair, and recycling of IT equipment; telephone and MOD management; technology support of ODF policy; other general services. The planning and implementation of education and training courses are also the tasks of this division. It is committed to satisfying all of teachers, students, and staffs with high efficiency administrative measures and high quality services.

Staff Members:

  • YU, HUNG-I Ext: 2411
  • LIN,YOU-CING Ext: 2403
  • CHEN, KUAN-JUNG Ext: 2417

Network Management Division:

The mission of this division is to build a fast, stable, and secure network usage environment, and to effectively manage the resources of network to achieve cloud computing and service sustainable operations.

Staff Members:

  • SHIH, YU-LIN Ext: 2439
  • KAO, CHIA-CHUN Ext: 2443
  • HU,HSIANG-HUNG Ext: 2440
  • LIN, PO-YU Ext: 2437
  • WU, JIE-YING Ext: 2422

System Development Division

The main task of this division is to integrate, develop, and maintain the school administrative information systems and its database management. This division also supports software procurement, evaluation, testing and introduction; and improves overall operation efficiency and quality.

Staff Members:

  • LIU, PO-HSIU Ext: 2431
  • TING,MING-CHUAN Ext: 2435
  • WANG, WEI-CHING Ext: 2413
  • LIN, HSING-MEI Ext: 2433
  • HUNG, MING-LUNG Ext: 2434
  • CHEN, CHUN-CHING Ext: 2432

Electronic Services Division

This division is responsible for the development and maintain of on-line electronic official documentation system. In order to meet the demand of smart campus applications, this division is also addresses itself to develop STU smart campus APP for course education, student affair, campus life, and various useful services.

Staff Members:

  • CHENG, KAI-CHUNG Ext: 2430
  • HSU, CHUN-HAO Ext: 2436