We are recently developing a high speed multimedia information network in the campus, for providing a better quality in our administrative system. We used to apply the ATM switches and optical fiber technology in our backbone network. The fundamental reason was the ATM technology contains advantages like high-bandwidth, low-latency, dedicated bandwidth, connection-oriented transport, quality assurance, services of multimedia integration and regional wide area network integration. The network service possesses scalability and flexibility for the future unexpectation. Optical fiber transport provides specialties in high-bandwidth and external electromagnetic radiation resistance. The campus backbone has 4.2 Gbps bandwidth which is enough for the whole faculties and students when using any kind of network service.

The future essential establishment of information has to fulfill the purposes of integrated administrative computing system, WEB-based teaching and academic research development. Furthermore, it should consider the expansion, cost, performance of the network technology besides the convenience of network management. Therefore, we started to import gigabit Ethernet and enhance the speed of backbone network up to 1000mbps/sec since 1999. In 2001, we implemented a program to improve our network to the external bandwidth in order to satisfy the future demands. The program was accomplished in February 2002.

In June 2001, First Bank and we released an all in one card called “Shu-Te University Campus Intellectual IC Card” to promote the idea of campus informatization. It replaced the previous ID cards of all faculties. The integrated functions included books borrow & return in the library, buildings access control system, attendance sign-in, card swipe to purchase in campus. In addition, it gave conveniences for withdrawal, deposit, balance inquiry and phone. We also signed contract with merchants for discounts in order to let our faculties to experience the expediency of informatization. Our recent systematic platform is Windows NT / SQL server, and if the future amount of students increases rapidly, we look forward to apply the structure of Unix/Oracle. The shift expanse of the existing system has already saved for future evolvement. Moreover, we are evaluating to upgrade our current structure to N-tier for a better efficiency. In the meantime, we matured the electronic document process control and network query functions for the governmental policies in 2001. The system was formally ran in 2002, it helped our university into the realm of paperless document processes.

In the era of knowledge economy, the application of information technology, and knowledge management of organization have already become the main directions in enhancement of industrial productivity. Academy and Education play an important role in knowledge economy. Since the internet has already breaks the limitation in time and space, it widens the boundary of learning. Based on the considerations of learning optimization, we use online teaching with regular teaching in the early stage to reduce the maladjustment. Later, we process into pure online teaching stage to lower the burdens of the regular one. Finally, an official online lesson will be opened with multiple e-commercial products to diversify the marketing orientation of the lessons. To operate a diversified learning network company satisfies students’ all needs in learning.

Shu-Te University is a new school; therefore, we own good conditions to computerize. The network equipment adopts the newest technology which supplies the best hardware support. Simultaneously, the younger average age of all faculties represents higher abilities in information literacy and acceptance. With the full support of the school, we make every effort to computerize all of the administration processes to elevate the administrative performance and provide all of the faculties and students a better service.